Shocking Experiences from People Who Woke Up During Surgery

Overheard During a Triple Bypass

Having a bypass surgery requires you to take concerted steps and make efforts by adhering to the doctors’ instructions. You also have to understand that bypass procedures can be very painful if you wake up in any way during the procedure. If you are going in for open-heart surgery, you must clearly understand the chances and odds, given the complications. This person posted that they underwent a triple bypass and woke up during the procedure. While awake, the patient felt the doctors taking the graft artery out of their arm. The patient also heard the sounds from the operating room, like metal clanging and people saying, “close up that arm now.”

Photo courtesy of Reddit

All this happened, but the patients’ eyes were still shut, and their mouth felt like it was a tube full, while the arms were strapped down. The fear in the patient thinking of going through the open heart surgery awake was unforgettable and scary. The patient moved his leg muscle and butt a little bit. This body movement alerted the doctors and nurses, and sedated him again in less than three seconds. With the sedation, the man went under again. 

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