Shocking Experiences from People Who Woke Up During Surgery

The Endoscopy Nightmare

Sometimes having to go under means we get to choose the quantity of sedative administered to us. It does not matter if it’s the first time we have to go under, if you do not get enough sedative before the start of the surgery, then you risk waking up during it. This 17-year-old had to undergo endoscope surgery and woke up in a panic. This was the first time they had gone in for surgery, which did not go so well. 

Photo courtesy of Reddit

They woke up just 10 minutes after the sedative was administered, so they had to give more sedatives to keep them knocked out while the surgery progressed. The 17-year-old woke up violently and started kicking, punching, and pulling out the endoscope while the doctors and nurses tried to hold the patient down, who continued to fight them. The doctors knew for the next time to give them extra sedatives.

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