Everyday Life, But Make it Romantic

Like so many others, we spend way too much time on TikTok, and while you won’t catch us learning the newest dance moves or doing a ‘GRWM’ for what, the office? We are very genuinely interested in the idea of romanticizing our lives. Now, this doesn’t mean putting up a front or sharing our highlight reel on social media, romanticizing your life is actually pretty simple, in fact, it has everything to do with noticing the beauty around you and being in the moment. Think: main character. (It’s you! You’re the main character!) If the idea of this sounds enticing, but you still have no idea what we’re talking about, here are a few ways you can romanticize little moments in your life, and once you start to get these down, we have no doubt you’ll find new ways each and every day to romanticize your life. Let’s get into it! 

Put your phone down, and instead, pick up a book. That’s right, be ~that~ girl at the coffee shop, and instead of scrolling social media every chance you get, sneak a few pages in. 

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Speaking of coffee, start enjoying yours. Most of us get up and down our coffee faster than we need to just for the sake of downing coffee, but it’s time to put those days behind us, and instead, coffee should be smelled, tasted, and savored. 

Take your time in the mornings. Have you ever noticed that after you spend your morning rushing around that you have set yourself up for an insanely stressful day? Because same. Wake up a little earlier if you need to, just make sure you’re carving out a little extra time to enjoy it and take in each moment. 

Buy yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers and make them the center of attention. And yes, grocery store flowers and thrift store vases totally count. 

Take yourself out on dates. And we mean it too, put on the dress, make the reservation, drink the wine, order the dessert, and Instagram it all if you want to. You deserve it. 

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Host a dinner party. But just like the ones you see in movies where all of your closest friends come over, and you drink cocktails, and dinner is a little bougie, and the playlist is perfect, and everyone has a great time. 

Every once in a while plan the best day ever. 

Light candles. Remember that romanticizing your life is all about enjoying life’s little pleasures and candles definitely fall under that category. (Alprazolam)

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