Shocking Experiences from People Who Woke Up During Surgery

Cursing out the Surgeon During a Shattered Humerus Surgery

Patients are meant to be unaware and asleep during surgeries. Still, some people can’t stay sedated and get confused, not knowing where they are. Such patients may look to have less painful procedures. This person went in for surgery to repair a shattered humerus. However, they woke up to discover that their whole shoulder was dissected open. At the same time, a doctor was using a screwdriver and a drill to attach a steel plate to pull the bones together. 

Photo courtesy of Reddit

They started screaming through the oxygen mask, and the doctor said, “I thought you were out.” The patient was cursing out the doctor in five languages and continued screaming. The doctor looked at the anesthesiologist, who immediately sedated the patient to put them under again. A week later, the patient returned to apologize to the doctor for all the nasty things said during the surgery. The doctor accepted the apology and asked how their arm was feeling.

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