Shocking Experiences from People Who Woke Up During Surgery

Witnessing Broken Arm Surgery

Sometimes we may think that certain situations do not get the attention of a surgeon, but when we present such a situation to the hospital, surgery turns out to be the solution to our problem. Some of such cases are when you have a sprained ankle and want to overlook it by saying it’s just a sprain, it will heal, but they don’t heal and would need surgery to repair. This is the case of an individual that broke an arm close to the wrist from a dirt bike accident. They clearly required surgery but waved off the accident as just a sprain that would heal.

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The broken arm healed crookedly, so they had to go in for surgery. This patient woke up midway through from a tugging and muffled thud. The patient suddenly noticed that several doctors and nurses participated in the surgery. This patient also saw how one of the doctors hit their arm with a mallet. A nurse immediately sedated the patient when noticing they were awake.

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