Shocking Experiences from People Who Woke Up During Surgery

Life is full of surprises. And sometimes, some of the most unexpected occur inside the operating room. Many of us don’t like to think about death, and resuscitation stories are shrouded in mystery but documented throughout history and across cultures. Doctors have shared their experiences with patients suddenly waking up in the middle of their surgery and their reactions. Thanks to a Reddit thread, we know now what actually happens when you wake up during surgery. Doctors and patients have shared personal accounts of people who have been in this situation of waking up during surgery (known as anesthesia awareness). You need to bear in mind that people wake up during surgery often. This is a downright frightening thought, but it happens worldwide. If you dare to read on, we will share several stories of people who have experienced one of the scariest situations a human can go through.

Waking up During a Colonoscopy Procedure is Very Uncomfortable

This person underwent a colonoscopy procedure; during the process, the person suddenly woke up to discover the procedure was underway already. The feeling was out of this world with excruciating pain with anesthesia awareness. They reported the sensation of a board being shoved through their intestine. 

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This came with unreal pressure. This patient asked the doctors and nurses to stop but was met with another injection of anesthesia that led to 24 hours of sleep after the colonoscopy was completed. 

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