Glamping? In a Dome? In the Smoky Mountains? Say Less.

Quit reading if you hate roasting smores over a fire pit, if you hate sleeping under the stars on a premium mattress, and especially if you think you can only reconnect to nature through roughing it. Why? Because today we’re talking about glamping domes in the Smoky Mountains, and if you’re a ‘rough it in a tent’ kind of camper, we have a feeling this won’t be your thing. (And that’s okay!) Alright glampers, let’s get into it! 

Located in Sevierville, Tennessee, nestled in the Smoky Mountains there sits some farmland; and on that farmland, you’ll find four glamping domes and one glamping tiny house you can book a stay in. Each lodging option is a little bit different, so we’ll be going over each one that way you can choose the one that will suit you best! Let’s not wait one second longer. 

Glamping Domes

From the host: “Look out the windows at the forest, mountaintop & sky. Relax on the little porch & enjoy the warm propane fire pit. Lay down in the comfy queen-sized bed & drift off to sleep while watching the stars on clear nights.

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This is a camping experience with power, finished floors, beautiful views, and comfortable furnishings. The domes are not insulated so it can get hot during the day in the summer but that usually isn’t a problem since most people are having adventures in the region then. Explore Tennessee by day and relax in your dome at night. The dome has a large bay window and several sky windows. You’ll find a barn with an apartment, a tiny cabin, and another dome on the property. There’s also an outdoor shower and portable toilet with lever flush and foot pump hand wash sink.” 

Nothing about that sounds like a bad time if you ask us. Domes #1 – #4 are suitable for two guests each, with one bedroom, one bed, and one bathroom. The reviews for these domes are phenomenal, and ensure that you’ll enjoy a unique and comfortable stay! 

If you aren’t really feeling the domes, then the tiny house may be more your thing! Let’s take a look. 

Tiny House

This handcrafted tiny house sits next to a red barn, and yes, it’s as picturesque as you’re imagining it to be. (We’ll get to that in a second unless you’ve skipped ahead already!) The tiny house has electricity, a small portable heater, a heated blanket, an AC window unit, and a fan. The kitchenette has a small refrigerator/freezer, coffee pot, and Brita water filter. Just like the domes, the tiny house is suitable for two guests, with one bedroom, one bed, and one bathroom. Okay, picture time. 

If these gorgeous gorgeous glamping domes or perhaps the glamping tiny house is just what you’re after, then you can get all the details including booking info here

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