Even Jimmy Fallon Was Surprised When He Read What These Children Said To Their Families

Having conversations with the youngest ones in the family is always amusing. Kids can surprise us with interesting outcomes, make us burst out laughing with unintended puns, or even leave us pondering on the mysteries of life with existential questions. Bearing this in mind, Jimmy Fallon started a challenge on his Twitter account with the hashtag #KidsQuotes. Here, we bring you the most unexpected answers children told their parents, siblings, and close relatives in what seemed like ordinary conversations. Their minds work differently from ours, and their imagination is endless. So, get ready to be amazed by all the wisdom and eloquence these kindergarten thinkers have. Who knows, maybe in the next conversation you have with a child, you’ll end up learning more than expected.

Jimmy Fallon launched a new fun challenge

The charismatic and beloved entertainer Jimmy Fallon knows what he’s doing when it comes to amusing the public. He can bring us incredible musical numbers or impressions of presidents to make us burst out laughing. His new way of entertaining the crowds is launching a new challenge on Twitter to collect his followers’ funny exchanges with kids through the hashtag #KidsQuotes.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@jimmyfallon

People from all over the world answered the call and replied to the tweet with the funniest children’s phrases they’ve ever heard or read. They sent all kinds of stories: hilarious little sayings, cheeky one-liners, mischievous observations, unintended puns, solid wisdom nuggets. It seems like kids are cracking jokes like there’s no tomorrow, and we can’t stop laughing at them.

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