Feels Like Home: Twitter Went crazy on Jimmy Fallon’s #HomecomingFail Challenge and Here are the Most Hilarious and Embarrassing Moments

Jimmy Fallon, the host of America’s popular talk show ‘The Tonight Show,’ has an active fanbase on Twitter, and it shows when he does his ‘Hashtag Time’ challenges. This time Fallon asked his audience to share an embarrassing or funny homecoming memory under the hashtag #HomecomingFail, and it blew up! People shared some of their most hilarious homecoming memories and showed how homecoming isn’t all about a dance, football, and drinking! These Twitter users made some crazy memories, and when they told millions of people on the internet about them, there was no holding them back from liking, sharing, and retweeting the best ones. So, we just saved you a couple of minutes by going through the trouble of sorting only the best ones. We went on a conquest for the “Best #HomecomingFails” and came back with a basket full of only the funniest one under this thread. Poor Georgie, he didn’t make it out of the dark maze of Twitter from our conquest. Honor his loss by sitting back comfortably and enjoying yourself as you go through some of the best #HomecomingFails.

Not me, but a friend I know

Yeah, Jimmy, nice try. It sure was “your friend” who ended up in that terrible situation. But seriously, who would be so cruel as to ditch their date at the last minute and then show up with someone else. As if that wasn’t enough to make him feel terrible, they made him drive around the whole night too!

Image Courtesy: Twitter/@ jimmyfallon

We wonder how the poor kid could even see the road with those blurry and teary eyes. Are you sure it wasn’t you, Fallon, and just some ‘guy you knew’? It’s alright, we wouldn’t judge you after all!

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