Stylish Athleisure Pieces for Running Errands (Going to Target and Getting Coffee)

Some passing trends we love, some passing trends we’re happy to see go, but let us make one thing clear: you will have to pry our athleisure from our cold, dead hands. Not many good things came out of having to quarantine for what felt like forever, but the stylish athleisure? *Chef’s kiss*. If you have yet to hop on this trend, there’s no time like the present because even if the fashion gods collectively decide this trend is no longer, you can still find us in our elastic-waist joggers and baggy crop tops, enjoying our iced latte while we sniff every candle at Target. Without further ado, here are our favorite, most stylish, we might add, athleisure pieces. 


We could go on for days about the love we have for our joggers, but we’ll say this, they have an elastic waist, they’re soft, they have a drawstring, and they can be dressed up or dressed down. (Okay, not like, dressed up to attend a formal event, but like, you could wear these on a casual day at the office.) If you plan on wearing these to the gym, they can easily be paired with a sports bra or a t-shirt, but these are also great for a lazy running errands kind of day paired with an oversized crop top, OR depending on what your office considers appropriate, we love these with a knotted graphic tee and denim jacket. Trust us, whether you’re lounging around the house or catching a flight, you’ll want these in every color. (Or 5 pairs in black, whatever your style is!) 

Our pick: FULLSOFT Joggers for Women from Amazon ($16.95, shop here

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Oversized Sweatshirt 

Oversized clothing can get tricky because there’s a fine line between looking like you’re just having a casual day and looking like an actual clothes hamper, so the trick is to balance out proportions. We love to see an oversized shirt of any kind paired with a bottom that sits close to the skin such as bicycle shorts or leggings. This makes for a great little cover-up for the gym or an extra layer for those brisk fall days that are bound to be coming our way. 

Our pick: MISSACTIVER Oversized ¼ Quarter Zip from Amazon ($33.99, shop here


We lived for skorts back in the day, and when they came back in style it was like our life came full circle again. Skorts give the illusion you’re wearing a cute little skirt when actually you’re wearing shorts so you can move freely and the wind can blow as hard as it wants and you never have to worry about your thighs rubbing together. What’s not to love? You can pair a skort casually with a simple tee or graphic sweatshirt or you can really dress them up with an oxford shirt or cropped turtleneck. 

Our pick: LouKeith Tennis Skirt from Amazon ($24.99, shop here

Matching Set 

Matching sets take all of the guesswork out of picking out what you’ll wear and as comfy as they are, they actually make you look put together which is saying a lot for a set that feels like literal pajamas. You can nab a set in just about any color you want and all you have to do with these to create a whole fit is add a few accessories and choose your fighter when it comes to the shoes you’ll be rockin’. With fall and winter coming, you might as well buy one that consists of matching sweatpants and a sweatshirt too. (Future you will thank you!) 
Our pick: Waffle Knit Athletic Tracksuit from Amazon ($34.99, shop here)

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