The Music, Fashion, and People of the 80s Were Iconic: Anyone Would Agree This is Why the 80s Were Much Cooler than Today

If you take frequent nostalgic trips down memory lane to the decade of your youth, you’re not alone. Most people, myself included, believe that their generation was the best — and this may be true for Gen X’ers. Those who have not lived through the 80s may not understand why we rave about it endlessly. The 80s featured weird and crazy fashion, strange hairstyles, blockbuster movies, fantastic TV shows, and incredible music. In comparison, I believe life in the 80s was much simpler, fun, exciting, and adventure-filled than it is today. I wish I could’ve come up with eighty reasons why the 80s were much better than today, but I only came up with half of those. The Instagram account @waybackintimethe80s shares posts about the changes since 1980 and why it was so much hipper back then. Listed below are 40 reasons why the 80s were much cooler than today. Reminisce and enjoy!

We Didn’t Need “Social Media” to Be Social

While the advent of the Internet and social media has bridged the communication gap among people, especially over long distances, in what seems like a contradiction, the Internet has somewhat contributed to the predominant unsocial behavior today. 

Source: instagram

Everyone was more friendly in the 80s before the Internet. We had to go to stores to buy stuff and, by doing so, engaged in actual conversation with the salespeople as opposed to the “chats” of today; additionally, we had real, physical friends with whom we kept genuine relationships. And when someone got out of line, we told them exactly how we felt. 

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