How to Age Like Fine Wine

Aging like fine wine doesn’t mean you stay looking like a 20-something your whole life, aging gracefully simply means as you get older you’re taking care of your skin, prioritizing your health, and truly living your best life. We should also mention that it’s never too early to take care of yourself and prioritize yourself! So we put together a few tips and tricks for you, and if somebody mistakes you for a 20-something when you’re really a 50-something then so be it. 

Live Well

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See? You can start doing this now and your body will thank you later! Living well just means taking little steps to ensure that you are being your healthiest self such as drinking alcohol in moderation, not smoking, making sure you’re exercising, etc. 

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Love Your Skin

Okay, we’ve been hearing our whole life that we need to wear sunscreen every day, but for good reason, like we should all really be doing this. The easiest way to make sure you’re doing so is to purchase a daytime moisturizer that has an SPF in it. And speaking of skincare, opt for anti-aging products unless you have bigger skin issues to tackle such as dryness or acne-prone skin. Drinking water is also something we should all be doing, and if you struggle to guzzle it down, just think of how good it is for your entire body! And lastly, talk to your doctor about yearly skin cancer screenings. 

Move It, Move It

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We cannot stress to you how important it is to get your body moving.  Finding an exercise that is fun will keep you in shape, keep you limber, keep those endorphins pumping, there is simply a multitude of reasons to get up and do something active! 

Embrace the Grind

Well, kinda. What we really mean is to hold tight to your career goals and embrace the sometimes messy and unpredictable path you may have to take to get there. At the end of the day, doing what you love will make you happy. 

Mental Health MATTERS

Keeping happy levels high and stress levels low goes a long, LONG way, and we can do this by taking care of mental health. So do things you enjoy, embrace the everyday hiccups of life, and if you feel like you may be suffering from depression, anxiety, or anything that might require medication or therapy, talk to your doctor. It can be a hard conversation to have, it can be scary, but being proactive about our mental health should be a top priority. 

Let the Sunshine In

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Twenty minutes, we’re asking for twenty minutes of your day that you devote solely to sitting out in the sunshine or walking in the sunshine, or sitting poolside, however you can get that Vitamin D! Vitamin D helps you maintain a healthy immune system, regulates cell growth, promotes calcium absorption, and protects you against certain types of cancer. Not bad for twenty minutes.

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