Did A DIY Project That Went Wrong? These Awful DIY Results Will Make You Feel Better About Yours

DIY projects aren’t always as effortless as they seem. Feeling confident watching a young boy installing his doorframe on YouTube isn’t enough reason to delve into the task. But we can’t stop DIY-ing home projects, and on a lighter note, that gives us an abundance of fails to laugh about. These five DIY fails are downright hilarious, and they’ll make you pity the ‘executor.’

By all means, this is a public toilet

Although it’s not the closet where you keep your valuables or the drawer where you stash your cash, your toilet is another private space in your home. The small room isn’t like the kitchen, where you communicate with people outside of it. But this toilet?

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We can’t say whoever did this DIY door project intended to open the toilet permanently. It was a colossal failure. The person clearly fixed or installed the door from inside the toilet, forgetting the water closet. Maybe a curtain will make it better…or worse?

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This person kickstarted a never-ending battle

This DIY fail is one of those we can’t understand or relate to, no matter how hard we try. There are so many questions to ask whoever did this- unfortunately, we can’t ask them. First, why is the ceiling fan there?

Courtesy: Pinterest

Of all the places to install a ceiling fan, a corner? That takes us to our second point: Did the person forget that fans were made to roll? The fan would have to remain off to avoid chipping off the wall.

This DIY attempt should be an attempt

While some DIY fails are just ridiculous and hilarious, others are more serious and potentially dangerous. This kitchen DIY fail belongs to the latter category. Many disasters could arise from that single impractical DIY attempt; these are electrical appliances, for goodness’ sake!

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During the process of elevating the large microwave to that position, whoever did it must have, at least, known that it was heavy. Even if it was held down with the strongest metals, why should it be over the stove? They are probably waiting for a second fall.

Well, no ladder until the next demolition

Many DIY fails weren’t so difficult on their own. They became fails because whoever was doing them got carried away. This DIY fail is a typical example of such issues. The executor obviously forgot the ladder isn’t a fixture. They forgot that they moved it there.

Courtesy: Pinterest

We want to imagine nobody was there when this person was nailing the wood because how couldn’t they see where the story was heading? The ladder could simply become a semi-tourist attraction for a few years- of course, it’s worth seeing.

The door that never closes

Even a kid knows that the primary purpose of a door is to open and close. However, this DIY-er has taken it upon themselves to invent a door that is always open. Of course, it was not an intentional invention.

Courtesy: Pinterest

Whoever fixed this door found out too late that not all doors are the same size. We can imagine the labor that went into fitting the door and the frustration of finding out it wasn’t a door after all. What an irreparable damage.

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