These Are The Most Famous Celeb Feuds Of All Time: Are They Still Going On?

Regardless of age, status, or occupation, it’s normal for humans to have rifts with one another. However, when our favorite celebrities feud, it becomes international news and we all gossip about it. While some celebrities have had their feud for years, others have buried the hatchet and are now cool. These are the most famous celebrity feuds.

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry: A goodbye to bad blood

Taylor and Katy have been in a rift for a relatively long while. It allegedly even inspired Taylor’s Bad Blood. Although they never threw slaps at each other at parties, they weren’t cool.

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The drama, which reportedly started over a backup dancer and competing tours, ended in May after Katy sent Taylor a literal olive branch before her Reputation Tour kickoff. Taylor made an IG video to thank Katy, saying it meant so much.

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Mod Sun and Bella Thorne: Smell some ex-drama?

The exes got into a Twitter exchange after Mod joked about auctioning Thorne’s stuff off on eBay in an interview in May 2019. According to him, he still had her stuff, and he’d have an eBay site if she didn’t come for it. 

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Well, she got back at him hours later. She called him out for being hungry for some press. She also said he called the cops when she came for her computer. Mod responded that she showed up uninvited. Rough.

Andy Cohen and Jillian Michaels: One of those continuous cycles

In 2013, the Watch What Happens Live host revealed that Jillian Michaels was his least favorite guest. He said she was mean to his staff and freaked out after the show. When we thought it was over, the feud reignited.

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After five years, Michaels claimed that Cohen “hates women” and slammed his Real Housewives franchise. Andy didn’t just deny it; he asked her to stay in her lane. Well, he bashed into her lane by passing an insulting comment about her new keto diet.

Kanye West and Jay-Z: Now there’s a problem

During a 2016 concert, Kanye West complained about Jay-Z, saying he didn’t call after his wife, Kim Kardashian, was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. He also said their kids never got to play with Blue Ivy, Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s daughter.

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In a 2017 interview, Jay-Z revealed that his 2017 album lyrics weren’t a diss against Kanye. However, he didn’t deny the hard feelings between them. According to him, Kanye’s mention of his wife and kid hurt him, and Kanye knew it was a real problem.

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj: Does it ever end?

The two rappers got into a physical brawl at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons by Carine Roitfeld party in New York in 2018. According to an eyewitness, Cardi B and Nicki crossed paths on the red carpet; Cardi B shouted and swore while Nicki just stood.

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Cardi tried to punch Nicki, and the police escorted her (Nicki) out. While Cardi B claimed that Nicki Minaj’s comments about her motherly abilities caused her anger, Nicki Minaj said she would never make such comments about anyone three days later.

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