Check Out These Weird Decorations Bakers Were Forced To Put On Cakes

Few celebrations are complete without the presence of a cake. Almost every birthday and life milestone and features one, and the moment it is brought out generates genuine excitement in all the guests. Obviously, the cake must taste yummy, but the way it is decorated can also be essential. When it comes to wedding cakes, for example, the more intricate the piping, the better. No bride or groom would want a boring creation as their dessert centerpiece. That being said, over the years, the world of cake decorations has become weirder. Recently, social network sites have been overrun by videos of people making hyperrealistic cakes that look like toilet paper, among other objects. We scoured the internet for pictures of the strangest and funniest confections that are sure to leave viewers scratching their heads in confusion.

The autocorrect turned ‘sweety’ into ‘sweaty’

Nowadays, with every service moving online, ordering a cake has become easier than ever. There will no longer be a need to repeatedly spell out over the phone what needs to be written just because the phone line or reception is shaky. Nevertheless, autocorrect can lead to mistakes.

Photo: Chefcmerks via Reddit

The not-so-great part about ordering customized cakes online is that customers have no way of checking if their message was received correctly. This person wanted the cake’s wording to say “sweety” but did not realize they had typed “sweaty.” Not the same, but close enough.

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