These Imperfections Might Be A Nightmare For Perfectionists

For some people, attention to small details is more than just a strength; it can be considered an obsession. While there are times when everyone gets irritated at too much clutter or when something is out of place, this can be a constant source of annoyance for perfectionists. For instance, while a sofa that’s not perfectly aligned with the wall or rug would probably go unnoticed by most people, this may be a cause of severe irritation for someone who always demands perfection. But, life is messy, and disorder happens. We’ve all been bothered at one time or another by a painting on the wall that needs to be straightened, or perhaps by a ceiling fan that has to be taken down since it was not placed exactly in the center of the room. This is pretty normal, even if frustrating. Here, there are quite a few items that would rub any perfectionist the wrong way. So, read on to learn more about people whose sense of order was put to the test.

Someone mixed up the toilet signs and caused confusion

Many of us have found ourselves in the embarrassing situation of accidentally wandering into the wrong restroom. Sure, we had an awkward expression on our faces when we realized the mistake. Some of us may even feel as if we had broken some rule simply because we were in a hurry and did not see the signs clearly.

Image courtesy of Imgur/clandistic

This person has created quite a problem for restroom visitors by hanging the signs in such a way that it seems like the entrance to both genders is allowed, which is not the case. We guess that visitors should trust the signs on each door rather than those hanging. This is confusing.

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