Planning the Ultimate Mom’s Day

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and no matter who you may call Mom, they deserve to be treated extra special. If you’re like us, these days tend to sneak up on us pretty fast, but this year we’re letting last-minute planning be a thing of the past, so let’s get to it, here are some ideas for planning the perfect Mother’s Day. 

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Have an Outdoor Brunch

We couldn’t be happier that Mother’s Day falls on a day where the weather should be gorgeous giving you the perfect opportunity to host a backyard brunch for mom. Quiche, fresh fruit, muffins, maybe a breakfast board or two, a few decorations, some fresh flowers, and a whole lotta mimosas, and mom will be a happy lady. This is a great gift to get everyone involved so the task isn’t too overwhelming and everyone has their part. And we know what you’re thinking, but if it rains, brunch and decorations and fresh flowers can all be just as delicious and beautiful indoors. 

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Host a Movie Night 

For just you and mom, of course. Order a pizza, bake something delicious for dessert, and find a comfy spot on the couch to watch a movie with mom – it can be something new or an old favorite, but nothing says ‘thank you’ quite like a movie night in. And if you’re on the hunt for a gift, we see some cute matching pajamas in your future. 

Arrange Flowers Together

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This is a fun play on the classic Mother’s Day bouquet! Depending on where you live, you may be able to sign up for a class together, if not, YouTube exists and so do $5 grocery store bouquets, no matter how you plan it, there will be lots of laughs, photos, and memories. 

Garden Together

If your mom’s idea of the perfect day is spending the day outside in the garden, then get out there with her! Nab a couple of plants, vegetables, or flowers on your way over to contribute to the garden, and if gardening isn’t really your thing then maybe opt for some garden decor. 

Host a Nice Dinner for Just the Two of You

Get mom’s favorite bottle of wine, or the stuff to make her favorite cocktail, fix a delicious home-cooked meal (it can be simple, don’t worry!), nab a dessert while you’re at it, and have mom over to treat her to a delicious meal. Kinda like breakfast in bed, but with wine and in the evening. 


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If you get it from your momma and you’re a master crafter, then choose a craft together or surprise her, get all of the materials, and spend the day making some super awesome crafts together. And at the end of the day, you’ll both have something to remember the day by. And if you do it right, you’ll leave with a new piece of decor!

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