Office Supplies to Freshen Up Your Workspace

Gray walls? Check. Fluorescent lighting? Check. Bland carpet? Check. The office can be a bit underwhelming, to say the least, but we firmly believe it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few office supplies you can snag that are guaranteed to freshen up your workspace and make it a little more you. 

A Funny Tape Dispenser

 We hear you loud and clear, it’s just a tape dispenser, but hear us out, what’s cooler: your everyday average tape dispenser OR this Scotch tape-record player tape dispenser? We’ll let you be the judge. 

Some Cool Prints to Hang

Finding some artwork that you love is a great way to add some color around you and it allows you to look at something other than a plain wall. Whatever kind of art you’re into, you’re sure to find it. To give it a little extra something, find some cool frames at your local thrift store. (Valium)  

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A little snackage makes everyone feel better! Designate a small area (or an entire drawer) to some healthy and delicious office snacks that you can grab when you hit that 2 PM wall. And if you happen to include a few of your favorite bite-sized candy bars, well, your secret is safe with us. 

A Fun Calender

We don’t know about you, but we would rather look at a fun calendar rather than one of those lame landscape ones. Find a calendar with motivational quotes or one that has art from a favorite book or movie to liven up your space. (  

When in Doubt, Add Googly Eyes

There aren’t many ways to make a copier or printer or landline phone fun, but with an inexpensive pack of googly eyes… 


Add some small succulents or a small indoor houseplant to your area and enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by a little bit of greenery. What’s even more fun is that you can find a colorful or interesting pot to keep it in to really liven up your space. 

Invest in a small speaker. If you aren’t able to rock the air pods at the office but can have a small speaker in your area, do it. Though they are little, they put out a pretty decent sound, and of course, we say opt for one that fits your personality. 

Hang a Fun Clock

 If you’re going to be checking the clock every 20 minutes during your workday, it might as well be fun to look at, right? We certainly think so. Again, this is just a simple way to freshen up your area and make it a little more you. 

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