Pop Culture Halloween Fusion: These Costume Trends Are Here To Stay

It’s time to put together your craziest and spookiest costumes while celebrating with your friends. One amazing thing about Halloween is that there are always innovative costumes each year. However, some costumes keep finding their way into each year’s trend. Interestingly, most of these costume trends come from pop culture. Here are five pop culture Halloween costume trends for you to try.

Could a mermaid get cuter?

Who said Halloween costumes have to be scary or dark? You can look impressive in your Halloween costume- all that matters is how well you kill the look. Did you wish to be a mermaid like Ariel when you watched “The Little Mermaid”? 

Courtesy: Pinterest

If you answered yes, here is your chance to get into the mermaid world. With a mermaid tail skirt, bikini top, and a shell shoulder bag, you’re more than ready to kill the look. You could even turn a fork inwards to recreate Ariel’s famous bracelet.

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Celebrate Halloween like a pop star

The best Halloween costumes are those that stand out. So, if you’re looking to dress like a diva, you should go for a recognizable outfit of theirs. You don’t want people asking who you’re dressed as.

Courtesy: Reddit

Taylor Swift’s dazzling outfit for her Reputation era tour is a sure bet. The one-armed, one-legged black jumpsuit isn’t just fabulous. It’s easy to hack. You could cut an arm and leg from your dazzling jumpsuit, layer some snakes on it, and you’re good!

Adding a dangerous drip to your costume

There’s no better time to give spooky vibes than during Halloween- even a kid knows that. So it’s a no-brainer that we’ll be seeing different costumes from the Netflix hit, “Wednesday”. Now, which character gives the creepy vibe better than Wednesday Addams?

Courtesy: Today

The best thing about dressing up as the Nevermore student is that you don’t have to stress so much. All you need are an all-black dress, chunky platforms, and thigh-high socks. Oh, you’ll need to pull off her signature braids.

Heading in the 1980s punk style

80s fashion always has a way of creeping into each year’s Halloween trend. This time, “Stranger Things” is our reason to go back to the 80s punk fashion. Of course, there are different enviable costumes in the movie- but Eddie Munson has all our attention.

Courtesy: Youtube

His costume added to his rugged personality as the leader of the Hellfire Club. To rock his 1980s-inspired punk style, you’ll need a faux leather jacket, skinny jeans, and a denim vest. You could even get The Hellfire Club Raglan Shirt online.

Getting into the spice of the season

We weren’t going to end this list without mentioning the spice of this season- Barbiecore! Since the highly-anticipated Barbie movie, thousands of Barbie girls have had their fingers crossed for Halloween. Replicate one of Barbie’s most famous looks.

Courtesy: Yahoo

Although an all-pink ensemble will do the trick, it’d be better if you rocked a signature dress from the movie. You could dress up in Barbie’s gingham dress and pink pumps. Don’t forget the flower necklace and earrings. Also, incorporating a bit of pink blush into your makeup is a killer.

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