These Summer Body Stories Promote Body Positivity and Hilarious Embarrassment Anyone Can Relate To

We’re halfway through summer, and most of us prepared by working out, buying new dresses and hats, and perfecting our tan. We plan to travel, eat ice cream on the beach, and have the perfect summer, but that’s not always the case. Summer also means wearing less clothes and being in a bathing suit, showing off our bodies. While some people are very confident in their bodies, others don’t feel like they’re in the best shape. This article complied 45 replies to Jimmy Fallon’s #summerbod Twitter thread, which he posted so users can share their relatable summer experiences. There is an ideal summer body everyone wants to achieve, whether that means losing 10 lbs or getting a six-pack. However, every body is beautiful as long as you feel confident and healthy. The thread will take you through the average American’s summer body experience and make you realize humans are not so different.

It’s never just one bite

We are starting this article with the pioneer of relatable summer-bod stories, Jimmy Fallon. He is a popular American late-night show host with millions of viewers regularly tuning in. His tweet says he decided to eat just one spoon of delicious Ben and Jerry’s before he began his fitness journey; that one spoon turned into the whole container.


It’s no shame, we all have been in the same position as @jimmyfallon. We believe we need that one guilty pleasure before the strenuous month of healthy eating and exercise, but we fail to control our cravings and finally give up on the journey to an attractive body.

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