You Mean I Have to Call The Dentist Myself? The Most Relatable Memes About Adulting

Welcome to adulthood! Whether you’re a recent grad or 30 and not thriving, navigating adulthood is not easy. If you find yourself calling your mom asking what temperature to cook chicken at or if whites and colors can mix in the laundry, you’ll relate to these memes. We’ve gathered a collection of “adulting” content that defines the struggles of calling the dentist yourself and acting like a grown-up

Who Moved My Almond Milk?

One of the joys of adulting is being able to eat whatever you want. Some people find grocery shopping a terrible chore, while others see it as a joyous adventure. Browsing the aisles of Trader Joe’s to see what new snacks they have is a Sunday activity.

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However, what happens when the store runs out of the vegan ice cream bars you’ve been looking forward to all week? If you get mad when something is out of stock or moved, this is a sign you’re “adulting.”

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All Work and No Play

Part of becoming an adult is realizing it’s no fun and games. Working 40 hours a week, being tired all the time, having two friends, and meal prepping is the norm. We wish we made the rules, but sadly this is the reality.

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One of the struggles of adulting is making your own meals. It gets tedious coming up with the same recipes and always cooking. Once in a while, order in Thai food. You weren’t going to eat the spinach in your fridge anyway. (

When The Laundry Chair Becomes a Laundry U-Haul

If you’re the type of person that puts their clean laundry away the day it is done, congrats, you’re a real grow-up. For those of us still processing laundry day, the sight of a basket or chair covered with clothes is a familiar one.

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This meme is relatable to anyone who despises doing their laundry so much so that they put it off for weeks. If you need a truck to bring your stuff to the laundromat, we understand your struggle.

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Do your friends have trouble explaining what you do for work? This is part of adulting. You might not understand what someone’s job is. You might not even understand your own.

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Whether you just graduated college and are figuring out your next move or are 30 and want to change careers, finding the perfect job is hard. Not everyone has it figured out.

It’s Me, Hi, I’m The Adult, It’s Me

Part of adulting is figuring things out on your own. You can’t always rely on your parents to call the doctor for you or cook you dinner. You’re the grown-up now.

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Like Rachel from Friends, you might have a reality check that puts things in perspective. Being an adult is hard, so don’t feel pressure to have it all figured out.

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