Jimmy Fallon’s Twitter Followers Explain Why They Are Still Single

This man told his significant other that she gave him eagles in his tummy

Honestly, the metaphor of ‘butterflies in your stomach is quite overused nowadays. It became old pretty quickly, and if you attempt to attract someone, you should probably come up with something more thoughtful. Twitter user @CClok85 is aware of the situation, so he wanted to say something heartfelt and not just a cliché.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@shahbasshukoor; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@CClok85

He was so in love with that woman that he did not feel butterflies but eagles in his stomach. It is a funny line that would make any girl feel flattered. What else could he have said? One can be ‘I love you to the last scrape of peanut butter left in the jar’ rather than ‘to the moon and back.’

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