Three of Our Favorite Rom-Coms on Netflix to Curl Up With Right Now

Okay, we admit it, we love rom-coms. We love to come home after a long day, order some takeout, pour a glass of wine, only after changing into our baggiest sweatpants of course, and we love turning on a rom-com while we devour both our food and wine. But with the many streaming services out there, we never know which rom-coms are where, so today we are strictly talking about the rom-coms that can be watched on Netflix. So the next time you’re sitting there with your hot pad thai and glass of rose, you’ll know just what to tune into. Let’s get started! 

Always Be My Maybe

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If you love Ali Wong, and who doesn’t, then you’ll love ‘Always Be My Maybe’, because the boss babe wrote it herself! (With the help of some friends!) Always Be My Maybe is about two childhood best friends who lost touch over the years after they tried having a fling and it went real bad. When Sasha (Wong) heads back to San Francisco to open her restaurant she is reconnected with her old pal Marcus. (Randall Park) 

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This is a great light-hearted rom-com that won’t leave you a sobbing mess! 

Love Hard

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If you love a good Hallmark Christmas movie, then you should totally watch Love Hard; it’s got that ‘home for the holidays’ storyline, but the acting and the plot aren’t as cheesy. (Still a little cheesy, because it is a rom-com after all!) This movie is about a girl that is really bad at meeting people online who flies across the country to spend Christmas with her online crush and his family. Now, as a lot of us know, things aren’t always what they seem, but things tend to work out. 

This is another light-hearted rom-com that is good for a few laughs, and a whole lotta “aww” moments. 

Something’s Gotta Give

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Even if you only watch this rom-com for the *chef’s kiss* early 2000s fashion, or Keanu Reeves as a hot doctor, you won’t be disappointed. Something’s Gotta Give is all about finding love in the most unlikely person, later in life than you expected. The all-star cast includes Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Amanda Peet, and Keanu Reeves. We promise you by the end of this movie you’ll be booking a trip to Paris, incorporating as many turtlenecks into your wardrobe as you can, and looking at seaside properties. Zolpidem/

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