The Shocking and Disturbing Things These People Discovered Visiting A Friend’s House For the First Time

You only know so much about your friends and those close to you until you go to their homes, figuring out that you probably don’t know them at all. Humans are complex, and our beliefs, ideals, and perceptions vary. This is often reflected in practices, habits, and living styles at home. For example, a religious home will look different from what is expected and allowed in the homes of those who do not subscribe to any religion. You don’t know someone behind closed doors, but these people found out what their friends are truly like. These 40 people took to Reddit to share their first time at other people’s homes, and trust us, some will have you falling over from your seats.

Come chill with me…and Porn?

This story is as scary and creepy as can be. At 12, everyone assumed what porn was and how to act when it was mentioned or played, so why on earth is a father asking his son’s friends to chill with him by watching porn.

Photo courtesy of Reddit

The dad acted like he was asking them to play FIFA or something. The boys must have been so confused. Apparently it’s not just a norm in the friend’s house, but something they invite others to join in on!

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