Jimmy Fallon’s Twitter Followers Explain Why They Are Still Single

It is not you; it is me. Everybody knows that dating can be challenging nowadays, and it might be cathartic to consider that perhaps the problem is not you but them. However, you might already know why you have not found ‘the one’ yet. Maybe they were eating their peas one at a time or didn’t know who Frida Calo was. Jimmy Fallon from The Tonight Show has allowed his followers to reveal their dating failures on Twitter. #WhyImSingle is the hashtag that has gone viral. Someone out there might be able to understand if you have too many pets, keep meeting jerks, or have not met someone who shares your peculiar tastes. Check out this roundup of ‘Why I’m Single’ tweets and do not forget to choose your favorites!

Who needs a partner when you have a dog in matching pj’s?

This Twitter user called @nicolenotshakes is undoubtedly devoted. This degree of dedication and commitment should definitely attract some interest; however, this may be why she is still single, according to her own words. Perhaps it is because she is too attached to her dog, but some might disagree and find it cute.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@nicolenotshakes

Who needs a man when you and your dog can wear matching pajamas? This pic will receive more Instagram attention than a simple photo of you and your significant other wearing identical sleeping wear. This human-pet relationship is rated. You cannot deny they look lovely, though.

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