Classic Horror Films We (Still) Love

Allow us to set the scene for you: it’s a dark and stormy fall evening, you’ve got on your comfiest pajamas, and a plate full of your favorite pasta, with a slice of cheesecake in the fridge with your name on it, you’re all set for a classic horror film, but now you don’t know which one because this isn’t usually what you’re in the mood for. Well, don’t waste another minute or bite of pasta trying to figure it out, because here is a small list of our favorite classic horror films.

It (1990)

We are big fans of the OG It made-for-TV movie starring Tim Curry. The film is based on the novel by Stephen King so you can imagine how terrifying it is. Rightfully named, It involves a monster that has the ability to transform itself into a person’s deepest fear, but typically takes the form of a killer clown. A group of outcasts returns to their hometown to take out the monster by any means necessary and, well, you’ll just have to watch it to find out the ending.

The Birds, 1963

Alfred Hitchcock is known for his horror films, so it’s no surprise we’ll include two of them on the list. The fear of birds is referred to as ornithophobia, and if you didn’t suffer from that before you watch Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, then you certainly will after. The film is about sudden and unexplained bird attacks on the people of Bodega Bay, California. And that’s it, that’s the plot; but it’s enough to leave you a little leery about stepping outside. (

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The Blair Witch Project, 1999

First thing’s first, this is not a real documentary. We’re letting you know this upfront because when this film first came out in 1999, nobody actually knew if it was fictional or not, and as a side note, the camera work was so all over the place, for lack of better words, people were actually getting sick in theatres. The Blair Witch Project is a fictional story about three filmmakers going in search of what locals refer to as The Blair Witch and even though it’s all fake, it will still have you on the edge of your seat, or buried under the blankets rather.

The Shining, 1980

Another Stephen King classic, the 1980 psychological thriller, The Shining. The film follows a family as they move into a hotel to stay for a while in the hopes of curing Jack Torrance’s (brilliantly played by Jack Nicholson) writing block. However, after a lot of disturbing visions from their son and dark secrets unraveling within the walls of the hotel, Jack turns into a homicidal maniac. (Xanax) And A LOT happens in between. If you watch this film and think to yourself, ‘I would love to visit a haunted hotel’, then don’t be shy and book a stay at the Stanley in Denver, CO, the very hotel that inspired Stephen King.

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