Twitter Users Shared Their Most Bizarre Beliefs

We’re lucky to live in a diverse world filled with thousands of different cultures that extend through generations. And with globalization, every day, we get new sets of traditions that make our society more diverse and fun. Superstitions are an essential part of every culture. Even if they seem eccentric to some, superstitions carry a lot of meaning to those that grew up with them. Watching out for Bloody Mary or the Candyman and knocking on wood are some examples that quickly come to mind. But there are many more wild beliefs around the world. Since Jimmy Fallon tweeted the hashtag #myweirdsuperstition, his followers have shared their quirkiest credences. Today, we’ve gathered the funniest ones for you to enjoy.

Food tester in search of the perfect bite

We all have weird rituals that make us feel safe and comfortable. And many of these practices revolve around food. Although saying that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is a bit outdated, it’s clear that enjoying a nice meal can make anyone happy.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@WillVersion4

We can all relate to poor Will. Rating the bites on your plate is significant to experience your meal fully. And when you get to that perfect bite, it can be a super-fulfilling moment. Just hope that your siblings don’t steal it from you.

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