From A Bear Riding in a Taxi to a Smoking Toilet, These Interestingly Strange Situations Happen Only Once In A Lifetime

Every day on the internet, we see pictures of situations that stretch the bounds of reality, images that are downright ridiculous or look totally impossible to pull off. These pictures don’t only involve human activities; animals also find themselves in peculiar situations. The strangeness of these pictures makes them go viral. These are usually the pictures we save, share and repost on our social media accounts. With 187 thousand Instagram followers, @cursed.aesthetic is a source for hilarious and bizarre images. All these pictures make using the internet worthwhile. This account posts the strangest scenarios people have encountered, and we have compiled some of the weirdest ones. Read below to see why @cursed.aesthetic is so viral.

This Trucker Might Just Be A Genius

Only 0.25% of the world’s population are geniuses. This means that there are approximately 19.2 million geniuses worldwide, and this trucker might just be one of them. Pulling off something like this is no easy feat. But we believe that when you are faced with an impossible situation, it might just activate the genius in you.

Photo courtesy @cursed.aesthetic 

This is a picture of a truck carrying a van that also has a car in it. It’s up to the trucker to explain the reason for this setup. Was it so important to carry both the van and the car together? We wonder how they plan to bring it off the truck. Maybe people are already in the car and the van, ready to drive it down a ramp when the truck reaches its destination. However, we are content applauding the genius behind this picture.

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