Jimmy Fallon’s Twitter Followers Explain Why They Are Still Single

This woman does not want you on her bed if you are wearing street clothes

Your bed might be one of the most intimate places in the house. House rules vary from person to person. Some homes require that shoes be removed and left at the front door. On the one hand, some people wear slippers. Others, on the other hand, would not be bothered. It is simple for Twitter user @ddimo123: no street clothes on her bed.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@paularinna; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ddimo123

This makes a lot of sense, especially in the wake of so many viruses. You have no idea where people have been or what bacteria have gathered on their clothing. So if you are not willing to change your clothes to date Darcy, you can stay on the couch with the other filthy-clothed people. (https://kumorisushi.com/)

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