After Seeing These Hotels, Staying At Home For The Holidays Does Not Sound So Bad

Most people treasure and anticipate the opportunity to travel the world and meet new people throughout the year. Apart from exploring a new city or town, booking a great hotel or Airbnb to ensure a comfortable stay is an essential aspect of the overall travel experience. However, there are occasions when travelers will experience Murphy’s Law, meaning “everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” Different people will behave differently in such instances. While some will be annoyed and see an unexpected turn of events as a bad omen, others will find the humorous side to a bad experience. In any case, this is an opportunity for everyone to learn something. Both sides are visible here. Read on to learn what happened.

There is a pool here, but not a swimming pool

Before you book a hotel, you might want to double-check that it has certain amenities. Pools are common at the more expensive hotels and will make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Many travelers are willing to pay extra for amenities such as a jacuzzi or a good swimming pool.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Johnoplata

This person was told that this hotel had a pool area when they wanted to book their reservation. No one would have predicted what kind of pool the hotel meant. Most people would have brought their bathing suits with the expectation of going for a refreshing swim after an evening stroll.

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