These Life-Changing Purchases Will Make Anyone’s Life Easier and More Enjoyable

Every once in a while, you take that mighty leap and decide to make a purchase of a lifetime. Some purchases end up in storage because the elaborate description forgot to mention “not too useful,” or you realize it is not just for you. Just like that, you create an endless cycle of purchases that either end up boxed and set aside or just thrown away. So, what now? Are you just going to stop making purchases, or will you find a better way to source items instead of buying every single item advertised on TV? Several people around the world have been scammed by fancy ads and promos, and this has given birth to an engaging thread on Reddit. They ask, what are some life-changing purchases that are 100% worth it? That question got over 3,000 upvotes and comments. I have gathered the best purchases mentioned so that you do not have to scroll endlessly for hours, and I am sure you will learn a thing or two from these Redditors. I know what they say about taking advice from a bunch of strangers on the internet, but these are definitely worth it! So, dear reader, pick up a pen and a notepad as you read because you will finally get the chance to make purchases that are 100% worth it!

Cloth hangers so you never have to fold laundry again

I know what you are thinking—hangers? Simple hangers? Well, they may be mere hangers to you if you already have several in your wardrobe, but this could be life changing for someone who has always labored with folding clothes after a huge batch of laundry.

Photo courtesy of Reddit

You need to get at least a dozen hangers; then you hang all your shirts, dresses, suits, and coats, then you fold up your denim trousers, shorts, and underwear, and voila! No more mess! This would make the perfect purchase if you always mess up your drawers searching for one piece of clothing. 

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