These Restaurant Owners Fired Back At Customers Who Left Negative Reviews

Eating out can be a fascinating experience, especially if you consider yourself a foodie. With today’s technology, it’s possible to discover new restaurant openings near you and read customers’ comments in a matter of seconds. Still, most people don’t make an effort to ask reliable friends or internet users for restaurant recommendations and end up eating wherever they find convenient. But these spontaneous decisions can sometimes lead to negative culinary experiences. Add Google Reviews to the equation, and the result is the rapid decline of many restaurants’ reputations. The owners, in turn, see these adverse comments and have the power to defend themselves just like in a courtroom. So get ready for some clever responses to bad reviews that suggest the customer isn’t always right.

She didn’t even know what she was ordering

Though it may be hard to believe, someone ordered a specific item without knowing what it looked like, and then complained after it arrived in perfect condition. Some foreign words do indeed sound similar, but “pizza” and “calzone” aren’t a great example.

Image courtesy of takeawaytrau|Instagram

A calzone is an Italian dish in the shape of a half-moon pizza, and is usually stuffed with cheese and meat or vegetables. Instead of double-checking her order, Jenny decided to accuse the innocent delivery man of eating her takeaway.

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