These Funeral Stories Are Simply Too Much To Handle

Nobody likes to attend a funeral. Saying goodbye to a loved one is definitely one of the saddest episodes one can go through. But just because this is a moment to mourn and reflect on the deceased’s life, it does not mean that everyone attending will be respectful to the family and friends. Sadly, these examples show that the opposite is more likely to happen. On Reddit, someone posed the question, “What is the worst thing you’ve ever seen someone do at a funeral?” And thousands of users shared their funniest and most ridiculous funeral stories. We do not know what is more appropriate in these cases, to laugh or to give our condolences. Either way, here are some of our favorite ones.

This man was dressed as a nun and he literally attacked the corpse

Some anecdotes are so exquisitely bizarre that there is no way in hell that they are not true. After all, it would take a twisted mind to develop such a weird and intricate story. This next picture shows one of those cases.

Courtesy of: Reddit

Only the man in the nun costume was enough to get our full attention, but then the plot thickens and the police get involved? We need to get in touch with some producers because this drama deserves a movie.

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