Throwing Your Dog a Birthday Party (Yes, Really!)

If there’s one thing we know for certain it’s that every dog deserves to have the best birthday party ever. Every year. For their whole life. So let’s take a look at how we, as dog parents, can do that for our fur babies. 

Think About the Guest List

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Yes, seriously. Invite your dog’s best friends over whether they’re four-legged friends from the dog park or their favorite mailman, whoever your dog considers a friend (probably everyone they’ve ever met, ever) should get an invite to the party of the century. Okay, maybe a little dramatic but you get it. And hey, maybe your dog doesn’t have a ton of friends, that’s okay! Something tells us they’ll be just as happy to spend the day with you. 

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Find a Venue

Do you have a nice, big backyard where all your furry little guests can run free? If not, look into your local dog park and/or a local doggy daycare; even if these places can’t provide space for you, they may know of a place that could work. The number one thing we don’t suggest? Letting the entire guestlist in your home. Even the most well-trained fur baby may be tempted to lift a leg in a new environment. 

The Ensemble

Your dog simply has to have a birthday outfit whether it’s a dress, a little suit, even just a silly little party hat. You can thank us when you see the photos. 

One Word: Cake

We promise you a doggy birthday cake or some doggy birthday treats will be the STAR of the show. You can make your dog a cake with just a few simple ingredients (make sure it’s a dog-friendly cake!) or you can nab some birthday treats at your local pet store. 

What’s a Party Without a Game or Two? 

There are a ton of games that can be played at a dog’s birthday party! You can have a ‘best trick’ contest, a ‘see who can catch the most hotdog pieces in three minutes contest’, even a costume contest! If these kinds of games don’t sound like something your dog would want to do, you can do something a little more self-lead such as an obstacle course or swimming pools. 

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Party Favors

You can’t let your guests leave empty-handed now, can you? Show your guests how much you appreciate them by sending them home with a “doggie bag” of sorts complete with a tug toy, chew toy, squeak toy, and/or a little snack.

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