The Side of the Story They Don’t Know: Redditors Confessed to the Internet What They’ve Been Hiding From Their Partners

“There’s a right time and place for everything,” you say. Do you have something you’ve been dying to tell your partner? It was probably the first time you were so hesitant to tell them about something since confessing you love them. But while you got a positive response the last time, you can’t be sure how things will end this time, so you choose not to let them in on your little secret. After all, it isn’t something that will wreck our lives; it’s just an itch to tell them something you’ve been meaning to share for a long time. Trust us, you wouldn’t believe how many people relate to this narrative as if it was their own story. Believe it or not, we all have our secrets, our skeletons in the closet that we can’t let anyone know about, even our loved ones. When someone posted a question on r/AskReddit about a secret that you can’t share with your partner but won’t mind sharing with some strangers online, responses flooded with confessions. It’s as if those words have been held back for years and are flowing like a waterfall, gushing and raging. So here’s a catalog from the AskReddit thread with the best responses we could get our hands on. Ready to know some dark secrets people have been keeping from their spouses, boyfriends, and girlfriends? Hop on! But Sshh! Don’t tell anybody else.

She’s turning into her mother

Some women grow up with not very healthy relationships with their mothers- ‘mommy issues’ as the buzzword around it goes. Amidst all those broken relations, it is natural that they would feel an urge to deny any resemblance to the person with whom they have scarred memories, in this case, their mother.

Image Courtesy: Reddit/@ Alternative_Start21

However, what one doesn’t realizes is that denial doesn’t sort out the underlying issues that have been wrong all along. A state of denial pushes one even deeper into the void that they want to escape so badly and these repressed tendencies are clearly visible to those around them, especially their partners.

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