A Beginners Guide to Slugging

Okay, okay, we are JUST as curious about slugging as you are and it has been all over our TikTok ‘for you page’, so we decided we needed to talk about this stat. So here is everything we know about slugging. (Other than the fact that it has an awful name.) 

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So What Even is Slugging? 

Slugging is a skincare technique where you slather on an occlusive moisturizer, we had to look it up too, an occlusive moisturizer is an agent that forms a protective layer on the skin and creates a barrier to prevent moisture loss (source), as the last step of your nightly skincare routine to keep in all the good stuff your other creams and serums have to offer. After your face is slathered with Aquaphor or Vaseline, your face will look super slimy, you know, like a slug! Gross, we know, but effective. 

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Should You Be Slugging? 

Whether or not you should be slugging depends on your skin type and even where you live. So for instance, if you have super dry skin, then sure, you could totally give it a try! Or if you live in a super dry climate, slugging may be just what your skincare routine is missing. But if you have oily or acne-prone skin, slugging may not be for you. Our best recommendation is to give it a try, and take note of what you see your skin doing; if it’s changing for the better, keep it up, if not, discontinue this process. 

How Often Should I Slug? 

The amount of slugging you do is totally up to you. You can slug every night, a few nights a week, or even just a couple of nights a week. 

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Okay I’m In, So, How Do I Slug? 

  1. Clean Your Skin. Like, really clean it. Anything lingering on your skin than can clog your pores will be trapped in there which could cause irritation. 
  2. Slather on the ~humectants~, which is just a fancy word for a product that used to reduce the loss of moisture. The slimy top layer just holds everything in, so it has to have something to hold in first! Search for products that contain aloe or glycerin. 
  3. Next, apply moisturizer. Applying your slimy layer is truly the last step in the process, so for the most part, your normal skincare routine is the same. 
  4. Time to slug! Now that you’ve given your skin some serious love, it’s time to lock it in for the night. You’ll do this by “warming up” your Aquaphor or Vaseline in your hands, then applying it to your face. Let it sit for a few minutes before hopping into bed, then you’re good for the night! (Alprazolam)  

What Do I Do With My Slimeyness the Next Morning? 

When you wake up you’ll start your morning skincare routine like normal with warm water and a gentle cleanser; this will take that Aquaphor or Vaseline right off!

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