These Text Message Exchanges Sum Up Married Life Perfectly

Many people find that marriage isn’t just a symbol of love but also a way of giving certainty and stability to their relationship. If a couple has been living together for some time and shares similar worldviews, it’s natural to take a step further by saying, “I do.” Plus, one can’t forget about the wedding party. Although it shouldn’t be the main reason you decide to tie the knot, it provides an opportunity to celebrate your love on the dancefloor and create long-lasting memories that you can look back on with your partner. As you may know, this exciting new stage in a couple’s life demands a great deal of patience, trust, and, sometimes, advanced communication skills. Here are some hilarious text message exchanges between spouses that have certainly put their relationship to the test.

They hinted to their spouse that they wanted new jeans four times

Whether they want to see a specific movie at the cinema or receive a new item of clothing for their birthday, some couples could spend weeks dropping hints to each other instead of being honest. Most of these phrases begin with “You know I could really use some…?”

Image courtesy of RuinMyWeek

This exchange is a perfect example of someone who doesn’t fully get those subliminal messages, even though their partner told them they needed another pair of jeans four times. They did, though, ask a question to clear up the confusion.

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