From A Bear Riding in a Taxi to a Smoking Toilet, These Interestingly Strange Situations Happen Only Once In A Lifetime

Don’t Stress Me

We all like a life of ease. However, there are times when we need to do stuff that causes us unease, even though they are important tasks. But some people cannot be bothered; they hate to be stressed. Imagine hiring someone like a plumber, carpenter, or mason, who likes to take the easy way out. We can only imagine how things around that building would look. Looks like we don’t have to imagine so much because we have an example right here.

Photo courtesy @cursed.aesthetic

This plumber was too lazy to be stressed about moving this rock, so he just worked around it. The guy that did this definitely lives by the “Don’t Stress Me” mantra. He probably has T-shirts and mugs with the mantra. This might also be in the bio of their Instagram accounts. Maybe background checks on plumbers we call to help us out should extend to their socials too.

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