From A Bear Riding in a Taxi to a Smoking Toilet, These Interestingly Strange Situations Happen Only Once In A Lifetime

A Toilet in the Hallway?

Do not worry. This is the last thing about bathrooms, toilets, and related stuff. But one cannot deny that strange things happen in bathrooms. However, we have never seen any of these strange occurrences happen in bathrooms in real life. So we consider it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see and document in a picture these bizarre situations for present and future enjoyment.

Photo courtesy @cursed.aesthetic 

This brings us to the situation at hand. Someone found a toilet sitting casually in a hallway and was kind enough to take a picture and share it. The reasons for this outrageousness have not been determined yet, but if we were asked to justify this, we would say it may be for convenience. Some people may not like ‘traveling’ to the bathroom when they urgently need to relieve themselves. And we can’t get annoyed at them for that. And it’s their house too. But why? Just tell us why a hallway is a place to put a toilet.

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