From A Bear Riding in a Taxi to a Smoking Toilet, These Interestingly Strange Situations Happen Only Once In A Lifetime

Bullfighting in a Hallway

Bullfighting is a popular sport in Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and Southern France. It involves trying to kill or capture a bull. Some forms involve dancing around, leaping over a bull, or attempting to grab an object tied to the bull’s horns. It usually happens in a bull ring. The bullfighters are called matadors. However, it is a dangerous sport.

Photo courtesy @cursed.aesthetic 

But this guy, presumably a police officer, looks like he is trying to fight a bull in a narrow hallway. However, a closer look reveals that he is trying to bait the bull to where it can be captured so it does not damage the building and the people in it. We wonder how a bull even got into this building.

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