All Families Are Weird, And These Tweets Show It

Although most of us love our relatives, we must recognize that they all have their fair share of weirdness. If someone says their family is entirely average, that person is probably lying. As we grow up and face the real world, we realize that our family wasn’t as typical as we thought. The late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon started a trend that encouraged Twitter users to share some hilarious, silly, and embarrassing stories about their relatives’ quirky habits with the hashtag #MyAwkwardTexts. There’s no doubt that every family—be it chosen or biological—does strange things that seem outlandish to anyone who hears them. The following tweet compilation proves it better than nothing. Let’s look at them and enjoy one hell of a chuckle ride!

Printing a book with a relative’s browsing history

When you surf the web, anything you do is recorded in your browsing history. There may be many items that you don’t want people to know you looked at, let alone your family. Nonetheless, some families don’t understand at all what privacy means. Look at what happened to @pinkeyegus brother, for example.

Image courtesy of @metlibrar/Instagram

This Twitter user’s father has the tradition to print his son’s entire browsing history on Christmas and create a scrapbook for the whole family to read. We sincerely hope that this guy realizes that Incognito mode exists soon. Who knows what his family may find if he’s not careful enough?

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