Get Ready To Laugh At Shilpi Samson’s Amusing And Relatable Doodles

There’s one thing we can all agree with: we’re a lot more alike than we may think. Despite geographical distances, we feel much closer by sharing our everyday lives and struggles on social media. Although there’re many downsides to social media, sometimes we get the chance to discover new artists and talented people. That’s the case of the skilled Shilpi Samson, an Indian artist who’s been posting these adorable, relatable images on her Instagram account, @surviveofficedoodles, for less than two years now. In her bio, she says that she “doodles to survive boring business meetings.” We’re sure we can relate to Shilpi’s cute pictures that portray her messy life, weird relationships, and daily struggles with anxiety.

Online shopping may not result as we were expecting

We can lose hours going through posts of people who received strange and bizarre internet orders. With their misshapen creations, stores like Wish and Fashion Nova have elevated fast fashion to new heights, but they also provide us with genuine digital gold.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

It’s all fun and games until it happens to us! We tell ourselves, “This dress can’t possibly be that bad,” until we wind up looking awful in a too-small casing. For the time being, we should probably stick to physical stores.

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