Simple Ways to Style All Those Graphic Tees

Does everybody feel the need to buy every cute graphic tee they see or is that just an us thing? Regardless, we have graphic tees on graphic tees and while we love each and everyone, obviously, we do struggle to style them sometimes. Believe it or not, there are a million ways to style them even though sometimes we all feel a little clueless. Today is your lucky day because we’ve created this guide to help you out when you feel like you’re in a style rut. Let’s get started! 

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So Knotty 

Sometimes all your outfit is missing is some dimension and when this happens, knot your t-shirt. We know what you’re thinking, ‘but that sounds too easy’, but we promise it makes all the difference. If you’re rockin’ your graphic tee with some distressed mom jeans, knot your tee in front, slap on your Birks, and if you won’t die of ~heat~ go ahead and layer on a cardigan. Oh, and don’t forget the statement earrings. 


If you’re itching to wear your graphic tees to the office, you can absolutely do that by wearing a graphic tee under a blazer, paired with cropped trousers, and topped off with a pair of very boss babe loafers. (Platform loafers totally count!) 

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Skirty Spice 

Skirts with graphic tees? We love it, never change. Mini skirts, leather skirts, printed maxi skirts, point is, we will never get tired of wearing graphic tees with our skirts. 

Go Wide 

If you’ve got a pair of wide-leg trousers or if you’re open to them, no matter what color or print, wide-leg trousers paired with a graphic tee make for a *chef’s kiss* ensemble. You can layer up if it’s cool out, pair this fit with boots or sandals, or add a hat, basically, you can do no wrong. 

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Comfort Queen 

If you have graphic tees that you’ve sized up in, pair them with biker shorts and your favorite sneakers for a comfy, yet trendy look perfect for grocery shopping, grabbing coffee with friends or lounging around the house. (It’s not considered being lazy if you’ve changed out of pajamas, right?)

Monochromatic Cutie 

Personally, we tend to gravitate toward all-black everything and that includes graphic tees, so we love to create monochromatic outfits with them. (You can do this with other colors too, we’re just a little morbid!) We love a black graphic tee, black distressed denim, and a black loafer. If you want to create some layers with your fit, we love to throw on a blazer or oversized denim jacket!

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