Surprising and Behind-the-Scenes Facts about the Iconic ’80s Romance Movie Dirty Dancing

“Dirty Dancing,” the 1987 American romantic drama dance film written by Eleanor Bergstein, is a fundamental imprint in Hollywood and the world of filmmaking. Starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, it is one of those movies with an infinite rewatch value and the go-to source of entertainment for families and lovers while relaxing. While you may have watched the movie or memorized the lines and songs, do you know some basic facts behind each iconic scene? Knowing these fun facts about the film can help you appreciate the efforts and give a backstory to filming that is surprising and interesting. We have compiled 45 facts about the cast, scene, and production of the iconic Dirty Dancing. So, cuddle up and get comfortable as we take you to the movie’s set.

The infamous “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” was almost cut out of the movie

What would Hollywood, the world of pop culture, and social media meme references do without the line “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”? It is one of the most iconic lines in film history that came to be by a simple mistake. Patrick Swayze had a deep hatred for this line, and producers almost cut it completely to appease him as he believed it was too corny and lame. 

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In his book, “The Time of My Life,” Swayze wrote that the team did a lot of rewriting for the big final scene, but one line he hated stayed in. He said he was so disgusted to say it, but apparently, it worked and turned out to be one of the most quoted lines in the movie.

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