These People Are So Obsessed with Pixar that they got Tattoos of Their Favorite Characters

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when asked to imagine a bouncing table lamp? For most of us who have grown up watching awe-inspiring fairytale movies, the answer is obvious. It is the famous logo of Pixar Studios. The intro theme never fails to make its viewers nostalgic and excited because everyone knows that the movie they are about to watch will be a cinematic masterpiece. Brimming with stunning animation and intrinsic details, each Pixar movie makes sure that it delivers an excellent story for its viewers, which they will reminisce about for years to come. And as you all might be aware, Pixar has announced “Toy Story 5”, the fifth volume of the beloved series that has won over children and adults alike. By far one of the most popular franchises in the animated movie world, fans all around the world are overwhelmed with joy as they await the latest installment of their favorite movie. Besides going to the movies, Pixar fans show their love for these stories and characters in extreme ways. Here’s a catalog of such Pixar stans who love the film so much that they got their favorite characters tattooed on their skin! For the love of Pixar!

Buzz Lightyear and Woody: One for the eternal friendship that’s within all of us

One of the best friendships featured in the cinematic universe is the one between Buzz Lightyear and Woody from the “Toy Story” franchise. Like in this tattoo, both of them always have each other’s back. This tattoo is perfect for those who value their friends and friendships and prioritize good friendships over anything.

Image Courtesy: Instagram/@tattoosgeek_

Planning to get a tattoo with your best friend? A Buzz Lightyear and Woody one would be an excellent choice. After all, these guys epitomize all the trust, fun, and craziness that one would expect from any deep friendship. 

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