These Tech Support Workers Shared Their Clients’ Dumbest Mistakes

The invention of the Internet in 1983 brought about a new era of rapidly changing technology. Instead of writing a letter to your friend or sending a fax, you could type an email and deliver a message in seconds. A few years later, computers became available to the general public and were incorporated into the workspace. Naturally, not everyone was able to adapt to the rapid changes this technological revolution set in motion. Some people still struggle to figure out how laptops work and handle them like they’re as resistant as a 1960s corded landline phone. Oftentimes, IT support workers come to the rescue and fix their clients’ careless or ignorant mistakes. From dust-covered PCs to virus-filled software, take a look at these chaotic situations tech support employees had to solve.

Someone thought their desktop computer came with a touchscreen

It’s common knowledge that most Apple products come with a touchscreen. This enables users to browse through the Internet faster than if they had to use a mouse, and offers the chance to use their phone outside of their house.

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Still, some Apple items don’t include this feature, such as the iMac desktop computer. Someone was convinced that the one at their office had a touchscreen and called a tech worker for some answers. The number of fingerprints on there is telling of their obstinate nature.

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