Spot the failure: tiny and huge designers’ mistakes

Our eyes have the power to spot a little mistake or failure in the middle of a beautiful view. Even if we are talking about a great sight, a fantastic new product, or an amazing piece of art, and even when we know how much work designers have put into them, somehow it’s easier to see their flaws. Sometimes, these failures are too much, and it might feel almost rude having to look at them; but in this article, you will see that we can get very picky too. They say “out of sight, out of mind,” but get ready for some pictures that once you’ve seen, you’ll never forget.

Making a zig-zag path

Some people know what they want, and they go straight for it, so they move from one point to another without hesitation. Others don’t really know or are not brave enough to go straight towards it, so they walk in a zig-zag.

Image courtesy of Reddit drnick1988

This sidewalk looks like it was made by an indecisive individual. We’re sure it will look better if an exterior designer planted bushes or trees in those areas where the path forms an angle.

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