These Christmas Fails Make Us Wonder Who Had Such Terrible Ideas

Christmas is a magical time of the year. Apart from celebrating Jesus’ birth, we take a break from our stressful responsibilities and spend quality time with our families. This holiday it’s also the perfect moment to buy beautiful and expensive decorations for our houses and gifts for our loved ones. With all the merchandise and ornaments needed during this festivity, it’s only natural that there’ll be a fair share of epic design fails. We’ve decided to compile some of the weirdest yet most hilarious Christmas-themed ideas we could find that didn’t entirely turn out as expected. Their designers tried their best to create incredible clothes, toys, and decorations, but they failed miserably. Sit back and enjoy a good laugh!

Trying to make Santa cupcakes goes wrong

For us, the best part of Christmas is the sweet dishes. Holiday treats can range from cookies to pies, but nothing beats the delicious cupcakes. You can combine flavors and decorations to create unique festive desserts to share with your family.

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Who doesn’t want to demonstrate their bakery skills with Christmas-themed cupcakes? You’d probably expect them to turn out like the first picture. However, those expectations are pretty unrealistic. If you aren’t a professional, you’ll likely end up cooking some weird cupcake abomination.

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