These Iconic and Beautiful Movie Scenes Were Recreated Using Legos

One of the fondest memories of many of us from our childhood is playing. There was nothing better than those old-school toys back in the days when playing wasn’t about gluing your eyes on a screen. LEGO is one nostalgic toy we are all familiar with; even today’s generation loves Legos. What seems like ordinary building blocks have enchanted old and new generations. What stands out about LEGO is are no limits on your creativity when you are playing with these little plastic blocks. You can build everything and anything, even recreate something already made, like some iconic movie scenes from cinematic blockbusters. This article is all about such magical scenes. These iconic movie moments have a special place in everyone’s heart and went on to become the key takeaways from the movies. Come to think of it, out of millions of frames that make up a movie, few are pure cinematic beauty that go on to make the film known. And as if these scenes weren’t enough to make us fall in love with the movie again, they were recreated using something we love even more, LEGOs! Here’s a collection of 40 of our favorite movie scenes recreated by LEGO masters.

The Shining: “Come play with us, Danny!”

Released in 1980, “The Shining” was directed by Stanley Kubrick and soon became one of the most successful and most loved movies in the horror-thriller genre. Based on Stephen King’s book, also titled “The Shining,” the movie is about Jack and his family who have to move to a hotel so that Jack can work as its caretaker for the winter.

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Owing to the hotel’s haunted mysteries, Jack soon begins to lose his sanity and attempts to murder his own family. A lot of paranormal activities and ghosts are also witnessed, and this scene features the ghost of two sisters who were also murdered by their father in a similar way. Jack’s son, Danny, soon realizes he has a special power called ‘the shining.’ This is one of the most iconic and memorable scenes from Kubrick’s masterpiece, creepily recreated in Legos.

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