Take A Look At Some Iconic Jewels That Appeared On The Silver Screen

More often than not, movies are remembered for their characters, their plot, or their timeless storylines. However, those aren’t the only things that turn a so-so film into a memorable one. As viewers, we often miss tiny yet essential details of a film’s production. For example, we rarely consider the time spent on selecting a character’s wardrobe and additional accessories or their relevance for character construction. Because of that, we’ve made a compilation of some iconic jewels that appeared on the silver screen and left us gawping at them. In our opinion, these exquisite pieces are so delicate and beautiful that they stand out from the rest. Let’s see if you think the same after looking at this carefully curated list!

Audrey Hepburn wore a chandelier tiara and a pair of pretty earrings in War and Peace (1956)

In 1956, Audrey Hepburn starred in War and Peace next to her then-husband, Mel Ferrer. She was supposed to portray a thirteen-year-old character, but she was twenty-seven at the time. So, people criticized the film director for casting her for that particular role.

Image courtesy of siapgrak.com

However, we aren’t here to judge whether casting Hepburn for the role was a good idea or not. We’re here to talk about the beautiful chandelier tiara and the pretty earrings that were part of her wardrobe. Don’t you think that her jewelry matches her outfit perfectly?

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